Friday, November 7, 2008

Auto Glass Service Savannah, Ga. Appreciates Our Military

How can we do our part to help our troops?
Right after the general election recently, my thoughts turned to our military and the brave men and women serving both domestically and overseas. How will our new president think about, put his trust in, and support our wonderful troops in all branches of the service?
Doing their part, Auto Glass Service of Savannah/ Hinesville/ Rincon, Georgia, offers a special discount to the men and women serving our country. This includes both active duty and reserve soldiers, airmen, marines, sailors and coast guardsmen, as well as foreign military personnel serving with U.S. units. All qualify for the money saving special discount. Remember to tell the Auto Glass Service customer service rep that you are in the military, before they quote your job,. You can get a free online quote very easily also, or just call (912) 508-3009.
Auto Glass Service realizes how every little saving may help the families of those serving overseas, or out of state, and the most important of all – give them peace of mind that their vehicle will be safe to drive with their family inside of it. And on the other hand, their families have enough to worry about with a loved one serving in the military, let alone getting a Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement taken care of.
Those remaining behind want to take care of the day to day running of households, so that their family members serving in the military have one less thing to worry about.
Do you have a broken Sunroof that needs repair? Auto Glass Service can take care of that, too. Are your door windows inoperative or sticky? They can take care of Door Motors too. If you have a fantastic antique car, Auto Glass Service can help you with its windows. I was privileged to ride in a Model T recently and it could have used a little help with one of its windows.
Auto Glass Service will guarantee every completed Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement with a full warranty and guarantee that all of their completed repairs will pass state inspections and all lease turn-in inspections. No worries about extra costs when your lease ends if you let them take care of any imperfections.
In addition, they will provide you with their FREE mobile service unit dispatched out to your location whether you are in Savannah or Statesboro or Hinesville or Sylvania, or most surrounding areas. And then they will get it repaired for you in a quick and professional manner.
I’ve had Windshield Replacement done in several of my vans. A small rock chip grew rapidly and right before my eyes, after I went through the car wash and then more later, as I drove. It was an unnerving feeling. How nice to get home and call Auto Glass Service to come out and replace the windshield right in my own garage. And as soon as it was taken care of, I could breathe a sigh of relief. It was done so fast that I didn’t need to email my husband who is serving in Iraq, and worry him with any of the details.
Take a look at the damage to your windshield, and if your glass damage can be covered with a half dollar, then Auto Glass Service can repair it. Clarity levels of any repairs are determined
by the age of the break. So the sooner you can get the glass repaired, the better the outcome may be. Also, the break cannot be in the crucial viewing area of the driver. That is, it cannot be in your direct line of vision while you are driving. Windshield Repair is safe and cost effective and takes as little as thirty minutes to complete. The quality Windshield Repairs you get from Auto Glass Service will restore the structural integrity of your windshield and will prevent the damage from spreading any further.Most insurance companies will wave your comprehensive deductible if you have your Windshield Repaired rather than replaced, therefore leaving the entire job at no cost to you. And what could be better than paying nothing to get your Windshield Repaired?
A windshield break can only be repaired once, so choose your repair company wisely.
Auto Glass Service is located at 586 South Columbia Avenue in Rincon, Georgia, and proudly services the men and women of our armed forces with FREE mobile service to Fort Stewart, Hinesville, Hunter Army Airfield, Travis Airfield, Savannah and surrounding Georgia areas.
Remember to ask for your special Military Discount!
Chris Sparry and Cindy Sparry of Auto Glass Service can be reached at or at 912-508-3009, so get in touch right away, and get your peace of mind back!
Blog/Article by: Susan Hart